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Good Morning,

 Thank you very much for visiting with Mom.  We are happy with our decision, and you told me several years ago that Oakmonte was a fine facility when I inquired.  Thanks for the wise guidance, as my family is comforted by the fact that Mom is getting excellent care in the clean, brightly-lit Siena facility.

 I try to visit Mom every day, and Dad, who is still in Jacksonville, visits every weekend.  We bring her to our home when we have family gatherings with her grandchildren and great grandchild. The stimulation from the piano players, bingo, exercise, etc., is good for her.  I have been at Siena during the monthly pet visit, and I see how the animals put a smile on the residents' faces.

 Emily and Marty are friends of ours, and she called my wife Jody yesterday to tell her about your visit with Mom.  Emily's late father-in-law, Felix Glickstein, was my parents' dentist in Jacksonville for decades.  It is just another case of Jewish Geography, where everyone seems to be connected somehow.

 Thanks again for the email and visit.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Rosh Hashana service at Siena, and appreciate the great work of the staff and volunteers at The Jewish Pavilion.

 Respectfully, Craig


Hi Nancy,

“I hope all is well with you. I am thinking of you because it’s been 7 months since I helped my mom move to Oakmonte, and I continue be very grateful for your support. You were so remarkably helpful when I turned to you for advice.  Then, when we arrived, you showed up in person with welcome gifts and even more advice.

Oakmonte is well-run with great activities and the people who live there are lovely. Thank you very much for your excellent support.”

Carole Berkson-Ross

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