top of page provides information and assistance for sitting Shiva.

Mourners can create a Shiva Registry to:

  • Announce the loss of a loved one

  • Inform friends and family of memorial service/funeral arrangements

  • Detail where, when and who is sitting Shiva

  • Order deli platters and Shiva food online

  • View/Post ”food notes” eliminating confusion and the concern “will there be enough food?”

  • List Memorial Donation preferences

  • Post eulogies


With a Shiva Registry, friends and family can:

  • Learn of the loss of your loved one

  • Send an email message of condolence

  • Receive detailed information about the memorial service/funeral including directions

  • Learn where, when, & who is sitting Shiva

  • View a listing of food already expected, to better know what is needed, where & when

  • Order deli platters, Shiva food, gift baskets or comfort gifts

  • Make charitable donations

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