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Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment is a term used to describe any reusable medical equipment in a home or facility setting to provide in a better quality of life. The equipment or supplies must be necessary for diagnosis or treatment of a specific medical problem. If you are in a Skilled Nursing Facility, the facility provides the equipment as part of their care. Examples of durable medical equipment include:

  • Hospital Beds

  • Walkers, Canes, or Crutches

  • Wheelchairs

  • Oxygen

  • Electric Wheelchairs or Scooters

  • Commodes

  • Blood glucose monitors

  • Infusion pumps

  • Lymphadema pumps

  • Nebulizers

  • Patient Lifts

  • TENS – (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

  • Traction equipment

  • Prosthetic and Orthotic items such as arm, leg, back, and neck braces, artificial limbs, and breast prostheses after a mastectomy.

  • Therapeutic shoes or inserts for severe foot problems caused by Diabetes.


Bath safety products such as shower and bath chairs or rails, pressure support pads may be covered by insurance, but the pumps to operate them are not. Lift chairs are not covered, but the motor to operate the chair may be covered.

Durable medical equipment is included in most private insurance and Medicare with a doctor or nurse practitioner’s written order. In addition, the order must meet medical necessity and insurance guidelines. Sometimes, there is specific documentation required before you can receive the equipment. Frequently, with Medicare and private insurance, you are responsible for co-pays. In this area, Medicare instituted competitive bidding. Companies are authorized by Medicare to offer only certain equipment and/or supplies. You or your loved one may have to use multiple companies to get what you need.

There are multiple local companies that supplies durable medical equipment, such as Binson's Medical Supply. We also accept donations of gently used durable supplies, such as walkers and wheelchairs.  Please call the Orlando Senior Help Desk for referrals and more information at 407-678-9363.

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