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Death & Bereavement

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Funeral Arrangements

Every life is unique and the final tribute can be as special as the person it represents. There are numerous ways people celebrate the life of their loved one. Different communities have their own personal way of celebrating, respecting, sanctifying,  and remembering the life of a person, and customs vary widely between cultures and  religious affiliations.  Regarding any specific custom information it is best to contact the individual’s personal spiritual leader.


When you are looking to make Jewish funeral arrangements for your loved one, there are certain fundamentals that must be considered in order to guarantee you are following the burial customs of the Jewish faith. No matter how you choose to honor the bereaved, you and your family can produce a Jewish funeral service that best memorializes his or her life. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Contact a local Rabbi to help make the necessary arrangements and decisions regarding the preparation and burial.

When a loved one passes away, it is important to contact your local Jewish funeral director and Rabbi as soon as possible. In the event that your family does not have a clergy affiliation, your funeral agent can assist in finding a rabbi. The rabbi will conduct the service and confirm all rituals are in accordance with the laws of the Torah.


In the Jewish community, the burial should occur as the same day as expiration or as soon as possible. Funerals should not be held on a holiday. Certain rituals must take place when arranging a Jewish burial, including the cleansing and dressing of the body in white linen. Tradition indicates that Jews should be buried in a simple wooden casket.

In lieu of flowers at a Jewish Funeral:

In traditional Jewish funerals, it is not customary to send flowers or have floral arrangements at the service. Loved ones and friends may be encouraged to send donations to the deceased’s favorite charity or a cause.

Shiva Connect

ShivaConnect.com provides information and assistance for sitting Shiva

  • Receive detailed information about the memorial service/funeral including directions
  • Learn where, when, & who is sitting Shiva