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Top Three Reasons for Older Adults to Control Their Lives

“Advanced age itself is the greatest predictor of poor prognosis”, stated by Dr. Smith, co-author of an article in th New England Journal of Medicine, recommending physicians discuss end of life treatments with their patients who are either 85 or have a life expectancy of ten years. According to the article co-written by Drs. Brie Williams and Bernard Lowe, an 85 year old has a 75% chance of living three years but a 25% chance of surviving ten years. “This is about empowering patients to make informed choices and encuraging individual decision-making”, Dr. Smith said.

Top Three Reasons:

  1. By 2050, it is projected 4.3% of the U.S. population will be over 85 to over 19 million. This is the fatest growing segment of the population.

  2. The top health conditions causing death or disability are heart disease, cancer, cerebral vascular disease, COPD, pneumonia, diabetes, and accidentsl. All of these conditions eventually affect the ability to live independently and/or make informed decisions.

  3. The Supplemental Poverty Measure byt the U. S. Census Bureau shows a poverty level of older persons of 15.9%, an increase from 2009 of 75% mainly due to inreased medical out of pocket expenses (i.e. paid caregiving and/or alternate living arrangements not covered by insurance). It is very possible to outlive your money.

For you or your loved one interested in thinking about planning for the remainder of your life, this website can guide you through thought provoking decisions. You can use this information with your family and your doctor.


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