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In Home Care for Nursing Home Residents

Want to provide at home senior care for nursing home residents? According to a poll by NPR, the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health in 2011, 82 percent of pre-retirees (adults over age 50 who have not retired but plan to) and 78 percent of retirees are somewhat or very concerned about being in an institutional environment that is not as comfortable as a home.

Do you want to know the secret for non institutional care when you are totally dependent and need nursing home level care? It is called The Greenhouse Project.

No it is not an organic farm! It is a home built to accomodate 10-12 residents. Each private room has a hospital bed, tracking for a lift for non ambulatory residents which continues to an accessable bathroom with a roll in shower. There is a large, open kitchen to accomodate wheelchairs enabling residents to participate in meal preparation and cooking/baking. An open concept eating area has a table to accomodate all the residents. There are spacious common area for residents and their families to congregate. Activities and Certified Nursing Assistants receive special training to conduct not only household taks and personal care, but administrative duties as well.

As reported in the New York Times, November 2011, residents of Green Houses experience fewer bed sores than those in conventional nursing homes, according to one survey, and each day they get 24 minutes more of direct and personalized care and 1.5 hours more of nursing staff time than those living in traditional nursing homes. Residents say they feel like they have deeper relationships with the staff, and family members report higher satisfaction with the physical environment, privacy, their own autonomy, health care and meals. Employees, too, report less stress. The turnover rate is significantly lower than in a traditional nursing home. Green House certified nursing assistants are paid on average about 5 percent more than those in institutional settings.

Take the  Greehouse Home Tour. The only Greenhouse home in this area is now in Jacksonville on the Brooks Rehabilitation campus. Can we generate interest and funding for this project in Orlando? Are sports stadiums, concert venues, and arts complexes more important than  future care for the elderly? That is our future.