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Stroke: The Anticipated Rehabilitation and The Realization of Failure

Dinner at the Mayflower

Rehabilitation was a difficult process. It was a family stroke and we all had to participate. The hardest part was understanding the brain damage done and its implications. Watching a formerly vibrant, can do attitude transform into¬† an individual resistant to improving with therapy was devastating for our family. A stroke affects people differently and there is no “map” of cognitive impairment. After two years of struggling, I understand how the motivation part of the brain can be impacted by a stroke and the personality change that follows.

All illness affects people differently. The best rehabilitation was not going to improve my mother’s situation long term because she had a disconnect between her ability and her motivation. Although she wanted to improve, her brain function severed her cognitive reaction from her desire. Learning to accept this and not be a “cheerleader” which led to increased frustration on both our parts, was a bitter pill to swallow.

And the dance continues…