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Issues of Aging Parents…Their Crisis is Your Crisis!

Everybody will decline. Nobody wants to imagine it will hapen to them. Physical and functional decline is insidious. We do not notice as our parents or spouses slowly change over time until there is an acute event.  Seniors and their families usually deal with this crisis in crisis mode. We will all have to assist our parents at one time with decision making, financial and legal planning, emotional crises, and deal with the impact it has on our lives.

Why not initiate conversations with your families about the “what if’s”? This is a safe haven for open discussions and planning. You can have these conversations with your own spouse as well. We all remember Terry Schiavo and the disasterous situation that occurred. Empower your aging parents to make informed decisions and follow their wishes before the need arises. Keep your Seniors in the parent role. If that role must be assumed, the guidelines are there for you to follow.

This you tube video glimpses into conversations adult children have with their parent. Watch it and share your experiences and thoughts with me.