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Independent living…What about my dog and parrot?

Bill Frigen and his parrot

During the summer, I received a call from Bill Frigen’s ex-wife and close friend asking me to help him find a place to live. I spoke with Bill who has an eclectic professional past and a full house of possessions. He is unable to maintain a home and was not comfortable in his present neighborhood. We conversed about his situation and many facets of his life numerous time. Although he was initially unsure about living in a community, he agreed to pursue independent living.

I called a number of facilities in the area. They were all excited about his visit until I informed them he had a 35lb rescue dog and a parrot! Fortunately, Horizon Bay of Lake Orienta welcomed him to visit. He brought his dog and left his parrot home. It was love at first sight! Bill now hasĀ a one bedroom apartment filled with his treasures and memories, his rescue dog, and his parrot. He is ecstatic to be living there among people he considers family. Presently his house is for sale being managed by real estate agents I referred to him.

If you know anyone who requires assistance, I will provide referrals, follow up, and hold their hands through the process.